Working principles :

The  machines are equipped with 4 barrels spaced evenly on a heavy duty fixtures. As the fixture  is rotated in one direction, the barrels rotate to the opposite direction effecting a 1:1 ratio. when the turret speed exceeds certain  RPM the mass in the barrel is subjected to high compressive forces causing the work mass to slide to the furthest wall of the barrel. The energy created in this process produces finishes up to thirty(30) times faster than conventional methods such as tumbling barrels and vibratory mills
The centrifugal barrel machine have enclosed urethane lined barrels mounted on a turret. As the turret rotates one direction the barrels rotate a given ratio in the opposite direction. The individual barrels are loaded with the media, parts to be processed, water and compounds. The action within the barrel is a compressive sliding action creating the maximum energy available today in mass finishing.
The process is excellent for small parts with large burrs. This system has the energy to drive small media into hard to get to areas. The system can also utilize one media to cut and brighten with one step.
The centrifugal barrel is also being used to brighten parts with  medias to get as close to an as buffed finish as possible.

Wide opening of barrel allows easy loading and unloading
Urethane lined barrels for long life.
Variable speed for controlled finishing
Electromagnetic breaks .( 1 no brake with drive motor and 1 no with spindle mechanism) 
Quiet operation simple barrel clamping by bolts.
Unique drive mechanism for high efficiency
Rugged construction
Built in safety features( main door optical sensor type locking
Vibratory Finishing machines
Centrifugal Finishing machines
Tub type vibratory machines
Parts-media separating machines

Chemicals and compounds

Other equipments

Centrifugal finishing machines are available in capacity from 20 liters to 180 liters , the machines are available in slandered capacity models removable barrels in smaller capacity and fixed barrels design  in  higher capacity models.

Centrifugal finishing machine
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