The quality of media used in mass finishing is a very crucial matter. Proper selection of media will effects the process time, costs and finishing results.

Jeet finishing machines provided the best FINISHING solution for your finishing needs , we always suggest the best media with the most economical prices  which reduce your operating cost significantly.

Vibratory finishing media transmits the energy from the machine to the work piece. It carries the compound for cleaning or brightening and protects the parts.
The weight and size of the media has a lot to do with the amount of work it is capable of doing. Heavier and larger media cut faster and do more work because the higher surface area and mass. A smaller media will create a tighter mass capable of holding more fluid, and with less voids within the mass it will work to protect the part.
The shape of the media allows it to get into an area to get something done or stay out of an area so it will not lodge. A round or cylindrical shape will finish better because of single point contact with the part, a  flat shape, such as a triangle, has a wide surface to rub over an edge allowing quicker deburring.

Ceramic Media

The cutting abrasive bonded with ceramic is most commonly aluminum oxide of different  grit size. Silicon carbide grit is also used in ceramic media. Ceramic media is a very popular choice in finishing processes because of its long lasting and clean running characteristics. There are different grades of cut within the ceramic media family:

Polish Super Fast Cut
Medium Cut High Density Fast Cut
Fast Cut Light Weight(low density)
Vibratory Finishing machines
Centrifugal Finishing machines
Tub type vibratory machines
Parts-media separating machines

Chemicals and compounds

Other equipments



Plastic Media

Plastic media is known by its bonding agent. The two primary bonding agents of plastic are:


Plastic media in most cases does not cut as fast as ceramic.

Below are a number of advantages of plastic medias:

Light weight and soft bonding agents allow it to wear a burr off with out rolling the burr onto the part.
Certain plastic shapes, particularly a wedge, will sharpen as it wears allowing points to get into inside radious of parts.
In large mass finishing systems with large parts, hard medias compressed between the machines sidewall and the rotating part can gouge and damage the part. Softer plastic medias tends to eliminate this type of damage.

Steel Media

Steel media is a made out of stain less  steels in different shapes . Steel media is used in vibratory or barrel mass finishing to burnish, clean, dull edges, and smooth finishes.

Steel media can last 10 years, and runs very clean. The media is available in a variety shapes and sizes.

 Specially built heavy duty burnishes machines are usually required to run steel because of it's weight.

Process times are relatively short.     


Organic medias

Crushed corn cobs and  walnut shells  are widely used as a organic media .Great for polishing or fine finishing as there is no impingement damage to parts


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